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SOJOURN is a tabletop roleplaying game of exploration, dungeon-crawling, and discovery within dark halls, mystic ruins, and the wilderness of the fantastical.


SOJOURN is fast-paced and easy-to-learn. Skip the studying and jump right into the action! SOJOURN’s simple yet robust rules reward creative play and imaginative approaches to challenges while offering advanced character options for players who love to customize. 

SOJOURN brings to the table:

  • Intuitive 5-minute character creation.
  • High compatibility with your favorite adventures.
  • Exciting, streamlined, and flexible adventuring rules. 
  • 4 core character classes with 12 advanced archetypes.
  • A full bestiary of ferocious new monsters and familiar favorites.
  • 6 unique magic systems to choose from with over 150 level-less spells.
  • MANOR CAMBIO: Rebel’s Rescue, a level 1-3 counter-colonial dungeon heist adventure.
  • Minimal bookkeeping and number-crunching. Track less, play more.
  • Optional rules for high fantasy heroes and low fantasy funnels.
  • A rulebook layout designed for learning through play.
  • A fresh take on the best mechanics of old-school AND new-school design!

Find character sheets, rules references, tools, SOJOURN news and more at www.sojournrpg.net

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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorCaleb Wimble
GenreRole Playing
TagsDragons, Dungeon Crawler, dungeons, OSR, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours
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Hey love the game could you explain how the advantage to sunder weapons for and armor works for the duelist i know that the sunder rule allows for players to break their shield or armor to negate damage but how does it work for duelist gaining advantage to sunder enemies weapons / armor? Hope this makes sense 

(2 edits)

Hi there! Sunder was one of those rules left for Referee interpretation and discretion. Personally, I most often treat a Sunder attempt just like an Attack, except it’s targeting an enemy weapon or piece of armor instead of their vitals. You can assign hit points to weapons/armor based on their Load or your judgment—or just do what I do and have a successful Sunder automatically destroy the target weapon/armor on hit. 

Under this interpretation, a Duelist who has taken the Advantage: Sunder feat automatically has advantage on the Sunder attempt, barring other circumstances that might grant them disadvantage.

I'm curious as for what your user's usage rights are with this product. (Ever since Wizards of the Coast released their intent of re-establishing control with their Open Game License v1.1, it's become a wise move to check what users can and cannot do.)

Although it's currently available online for download, to what extent are players allowed to share the content? ie. One copy per game group, or allowed to redistribute in other places but non-comercially and with attribution? And then, to what extent are alterations and additional fan-generated content allowed? What if someone uses only parts of your system?

In short, under what licence do you release this to the world?


Thanks for asking! 

Sojourn hasn’t been distributed under a license yet, though it likely will be in the future. I firmly believe that game rules and mechanics are not intellectual property. Folks are free to take rules or mechanics from Sojourn and use or remix them in any way they please (though a shout-out is always appreciated).

If another game designer wants to borrow direct text from Sojourn, I would just ask that they quote and cite as they would any other book. Anyone is welcome to advertise their games as “Sojourn Compatible” so long as they do not indicate the game is published or endorsed by me or Sojourn RPG Publishing. 

As for sharing, I encourage players who need extra Sojourn copies but can’t afford them to download free Community Copies from here on itch.io. It’s helpful to be able to keep track of download numbers this way, so I do appreciate it when people grab whatever extra PDFs they need here instead of elsewhere. 

A hyperlinked version of the level 1 starter rules is also freely available at sojournrpg.net. The advanced rules and full spell list will eventually be added there as well.